Headwear For Life

Look Good, Feel Great!

"Life" means something quite different to each of us.

What it is that’s important during the short time we have on this earth. To some, living is taking a quiet walk, or sitting on the dock at the cottage watching the early morning mist. Perhaps it's hiking in the woods on an autumn day with color bursting forth. 

For others, it's the thrill of the ski hill or a day of mountaineering in the Rockies. It could be a class at the gym and the so good feeling when it's over! Or the sense of calm after yoga class. Or perhaps life is simply hanging out with friends sharing a b​ottle of wine and laughter. No matter where life takes you, we hope you will will take Pleinair along for the ride. Pleinair is your Headwear For Life.

Pillars of Pleinair

Style and Versatility

Whether you are age 9 or 90, whether your style is soft and subtle or bold and bright, whether life takes you to the mountains or the movies, our headwear can go too.  With many styles and  colors we promise you will find a Pleinair product to suit your style.

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Value and Quality

All of our products are designed and produced by Donna, ensuring high quality from start to finish. This process allow us to offer a competitively priced product to you. 

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Performance Guarantee

All products have been vigorously field tested to ensure quality and durability. Before affixing the Pleinair label, we verify the product meets our rigorous standards for quality. If, as a result of normal wear and tear, an item disappoints you, simply return the product and it will be replaced. Guaranteed for life! 

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Proudly Made in Canada